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Dear Students–In this course, we discuss the first five important Principles of Deep Magic. They are outlined in five “books” in the Library.  We will meet towards  the start of each month to discuss the Theorems and decide on projects (one required, to take place in HOL) and one extra credit (to take place in the real world) which each student will do for points.  All required projects  must be completed for the student to receive a Pass and a Quill.All reports of the projects will be sent to Prof. Opal at opaldragonfy@yahoo.com

Only students in years, 4, 5, 6, and 7, or faculty and graduate students are admitted to this course.  This course is extremely difficult from the standpoint of planning and execution time.  If you are not prepared to spend this time, please do not sign up for the course.  Thank you.  Prof. Opal