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Badgers’ Iron-strength Beans*

There are times in the wizarding world when we must undergo hardship of some kind–from temperature, emotional stress, physical trial, etc.  This potion is designed to give you added strength and endurance–whether it be to fend off cold weather or to outlast another competitor in the Quad-Wizard tournament!  

4 garlic cloves (crush fresh cloves or buy pre-chopped—use one to two Tablespoons to your taste)      
2 carrots—chop finely      
2 zucchini—chop finely      
1 bell pepper—remove seeds and chop finely (you may use any color—the red, orange, and yellow peppers are the sweetest and easiest to digest)    
 2 to 4 potatoes–cubed      
2 to 4 ripe tomatoes–cut into quarters and then cut the quarters crosswise      
1 (one) 14 ounce, or larger, can of white beans      
2 Tablespoons chopped basil (fresh is nice)      
Some ground choo-powder (black pepper) for taste      
Olive oil for cooking  

1)      Peel potatoes (unless you use “new”/young potatoes).  Cut them into ½” cubes; quarter the tomatoes and then cut the quarters crosswise.    

2)      Heat a small amount of olive oil (around 4 Tablespoons) in a large cauldron and add the chopped veggies (peppers, zucchini, garlic, carrots).  Saute/cook over medium heat until they are soft (about 5 minutes).    

3)      Add the cubed potatoes and quartered tomatoes to the cauldron, with 4 to 6 ounces of water.  

4)      Cover the cauldron and simmer on low to medium heat until soft (about 30 minutes).    

5)      Drain and rinse the white beans and add them to the cooked vegetables.  Cook for about 5 more minutes—until the beans are heated through.  

6)      Add basil; season with some choo-powder (be careful not to over-use this).  Stir mixture gently to combine.  Forcefully recite the spelle below once, while waving wand over the mixture three times.  

7)      Serve hot in “thick” bowls.  Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle fresh basil to garnish (optional).  Serve with crusty bread/rolls or with Elven Journey bread.  

Spelle:  Strength I need, Strength indeed! Create a force which all will heed! Whether I dig for fun, or delve for gold, This strength will last until day grows old.   *Adapted from “Iron Rich Bean Dish” found in Nutrition for Life, by Lisa Herk and Darwin Dean.