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Imitation Dragon’s Blood

This potion is extremely versatile as it reproduces a number of dragon-like traits in the user.  However, it is also an extremely “tricky” potion to make and to use.  Even a slight variation of the formula will reduce one trait and emphasize another; therefore, vary the ingredients at your own risk.  You may do so to emphasize a certain trait, such as wisdom, but remember that you may also change the impact of the other traits as you change the ingredients’ amounts.

This paragraph describes the ingredients and their corresponding traits–use this knowledge wisely and well!  The poppy seeds and sugar bring the power of FLIGHT to the formula.  The beesgold brings the ABILITY TO GATHER GOLD/WEALTH.   The sage brings WISDOM.  The garlic salt and V8 Juice bring LONGEVITY.  The firejuice brings COURAGE (but, beware of RASHNESS).  The ginger brings a dragon’s WRY and SLY SENSE OF HUMOR.  The guacamole brings STRENGTH and GROWTH.  The ingredients’ amounts are as follows:


One (1) Beaker (Cup) of V8 or any other veggie juice (or, One and one-half Beakers–see #3 of Directions)
1/2 teaspoon poppy seeds
1/3 Beaker (Cup) guacamole*
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1/4 teaspoon garlic salt
1/4 teaspoon sage
Two (2) or Three (3) teaspoons of bees gold (any brand of honey)
Two (2) to Ten (10) small drops of fire juice (any brand of hot sauce).


1)  Combine all ingredients except for the beesgold and the firejuice.

2)  Blend well.

3)  If you plan to use less than Five (5) drops of fire juice, then add Two (2) teaspoons of bees gold and blend.  If you will use more than five drops of fire juice, you must add Three (3) teaspoons of bees gold and increase the V8/veggie juice amount to 1 and 1/2 Beakers.

4)  Add between Two (2) and Ten (10) drops of fire juice–depending on your personal bravery (or foolishness) and the degree of fiery spirit desired.  If you have not made this potion before, do not exceed Five (5) drops!  Blend well.

5)  Pour into a sturdy (but non-lead) mug.  Sweep your wand in a wavy motion (up and down while moving from one side to the other) over the mug, and recite the following spelle:

Fire and Flight,
Wisdom and Gold,
Come to me now
Before I grow cold.
Drink Dragon’s blood
To build Body and Mind
And use these powers
For deeds good and kind.

6)  Drink the potion.

Notes to consider:

1)  This potion may produce a delayed “kick” reaction and/or a hot flash reaction.

2)  To increase Flight ability, add 1/2 Beaker (Cup) Seltzer Water and two sugar Crystals.

3)  To increase Fire capability, a dab of miso paste or 1/8 teaspoon of horseradish may be added.

4)  To increase Longevity, add ¼ teaspoon Thyme.

5)  To increase Wisdom, increase Sage by ¼ teaspoon.

  • To increase Wealth, add a dash of Saffron.
  • To increase Strength, 1/2 Beaker pureed spinach may be added.

*Guacamole is a paste made from the meat of avocados, chopped tomatoes, and crushed garlic.  You may make it from scratch or buy it from a restaurant, deli, health food store, etc.