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Humming Humus Concoction

This potion helps a wizard or witch enjoy all types of music.  By getting some wheat (or your favorite kind) crackers and/or sliced vegetables, and dipping them in this potion, one can sit back , relax, and enjoy all types of music while eating this concoction and drinking some mild beverage.


One (1) can chickpeas (with liguid)
One (1) Beaker (Cup) tahini (sesame butter)*
Two (2) Tablespoons Olive oil
Juice from Two (2) lemons
Two (2) garlic cloves–pressed or minced
One (1) Tablespoon parsley (minced if fresh)

*for different tastes, you could try differently seasoned butters depending on availablilty in your realm

1)  Mash the chickpeas and liquid in blender.

2)  Transfer to a bowl and mix in the rest of the ingredients.

3)  While mixing, recite this spelle:

My toes may tap and my fingers drum,
As with the music I do hum.