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Cool Head Cuke-Potato Potion

This potion is used to instill cool-headed thinking/reason in either oneself or another being–especially on an extremely warm day or in a situation that requires rational thinking rather than hot-headed reaction.


One (1) dash garlic salt OR onion salt
One (1) white or gold potato
Two (2) Beakers (Cups) Water
Two (2) cucumbers
Two (2) Beakers (Cups) milk (may try Lactaid)
One (1) Beaker (Cup) sour cream
Three (3) Tablespoons chopped dill (fresh is nice)
One (1) pinch choo powder (black pepper)
One (1) dash Whatsthisheresauce (Worcestershire sauce)

1)  Peel potato and cut into chunks.  Place in your cauldron.

2)  Add Water and salt.  Lightly boil the potato chunks over medium heat until soft.  Then, remove the pot from heat (turn off stove) and set the chunks aside to cool.

3)  Peel and dice the cucumbers.

4)  When the potato chunks are cool, puree the potatoes and the cukes in a blender.

5)  Stir in milk and sour cream, then add dill and choo powder.

6)  Add the dash of Whatsthisheresauce and wave your wand over the mixture, reciting:

Stay level-headed
So I’m*  neither angry, nor hot.
Cool those emotions
So I* use the brain that I’ve* got.
*  Or, substitute a being’s name and the verb “is”

7)  Chill the potion until cold before administering (six servings).