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            Chewy Lemon Drops

As Albus Dumbledore, the current world’s late but great wizard discovered, the Muggles have a very enjoyable treat called “lemon drops.”  They are at once both sweet and sour and bring out tart truth and sweet kindness.  In short–they help people achieve a balance of tact and forthrightness.   He was quite fond of them and was often to be seen popping some as a quick “pick-me-up.”  It is possible that they contributed to his famous abilities of being quick-witted and/or fast-acting, no matter the situation.  This potion is a variation on them, specifically for those who don’t have a ton of fillings or false teeth that they could lose by chewing on these!   The successful result should grant the consumer a happy burst of energy and a prediliction towards honesty tempered by empathy.


One (1) Tablespoon butter
Two (2) Beakers (2 cups–400g) granualted sugar
1/2 Beaker (120mL) water
One (1) box (4 packets) plain gelatin
1/2 Beaker (120mL) water for dissolving gelatin
Soursuds (Juice of one Lemon)
Two to Four drops of yellow food coloring
1/2 Beaker of super-fine sugar



8 x 8 inch baking pan (20 x20 cm)
medium-sized cauldron/saucepan
wooden spoon
pastry brush
small mixing bowl
oven mitts or hot pads

1)  Butter or “grease” the 8 x 8 inch baking pan really well (this is critical so the gum drop mixture will not stick).

2)   In the small mixing bowl, dissolve the gelatin in 1/2 beaker of water for five (5) minutes.

3) Combine the regular sugar and 1/2 beaker of water in a medium-sized cauldron/saucepan.  Bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat.  Using your magic wand (you may substitute the spoon), stir and stir!  Every few minutes wet the pastry brush down with cold water and brush the sides of the saucepan to prevent the sugar from crystallizing.

4)  Add the dissolved gelatin to the sugar mixture in the saucepan and continue to boil for fifteen (15) minutes, stirring constantly and being careful not to get splattered by the molten sugar mixture.  As you stir, recite the following spelle:

Bubble and Double,
Sweetness and Sour,
Make me quite honest,
But not at all dour.

5)  Add the lemon juice to the syrup and boil for five (5) more minutes.

6)  Add the food coloring and mix thoroughly.

7)  Put on the oven mitt(s) and very carefully pour the concoction into the buttered baking dish.  Set it aside to harden for about three (3) hours.  Do your homework or other constructive activity while you wait.

8)  After three hours, butter a knife and your fingers (no licking!) and cut the gummy concoction into pieces (about 1.5 inches square).  Roll them into balls about the size of marbles, and then roll them in the super-fine sugar.

9)  Eat them with reserve–too many will give you too much of an energy burst (not to mention cavities and calories).  They may be stored in an air-tight container for many weeks.  Makes about 70 pieces.