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Butter Beer #3

This butter beer is served on cold days or nights to cheer the spirit and warm the hands and heart!   As with all butter beers, its purpose is nothing more than to cheer or soothe a person.  Therefore, it may be safely used even in the most storm-like of conditions–even heated in a cauldron over a woodstove if other forms of power are out, etc.


3 scoops Vanilla ice cream
1/2 stick of butter
1/2 cup Root Beer
1/4 cup butterscotch topping
Milk to taste


1)   Put three scoops of ice cream in a cauldron and heat on medium until the ice cream is melted.

2)  When melted, add about half a cup of root beer (or more) to the cauldron. Warm and stir very gently, but not too much (slightly swirly is nice); remove from heat.

3)  Place the butter and butterscotch topping in a magicwaveable container. Melt thoroughly on a moderate heat setting and stir them together in the container.  (If you are making this in one cauldron over a wood stove, for example, then pour the ice cream mixture into a separate bowl and do this step with the butter and butterscotch topping in the cauldron over the stove.  Then, add the ice cream mixture to the cauldron.)

4)   When blended, add the magic-waved mixture to the ice cream and soda mixture in the cauldron.  Place the cauldron back over the heat source and heat on a low to medium setting.

5)  As you heat the entire potion until it just starts to bubble, recite the following spelle three times:

Coldness into warmth,
Become one as I command.
Stay not external as you were,
But bring heat to heart and hand.

6)  Pour into a mug, and add milk to taste (if necessary).