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Tranquility Treat Potion

This potion is used to soothe and cheer someone who is upset or “down in the dumps.”  (If this person is lactose-intolerant, then use the Nighty-nighty Notion Potion.)  Since the being may be upset, it is better if the potion is shared with someone who will be able to offer a comforting presence to the afflicted.


Two (2) beakers milk (2 cups)
Two (2) Tablespoons sugar
Two (2) Tablespoons cocoalot (powdered chocolate/cocoa)
Two (2) dashes cinnamon (optional)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Small amount of whipped cremelead (optional)
Two (2) lead-free ceramic Hogwarts or other magical mugs.

1)  Put milk into medium-sized cauldron and heat over medium heat.  DO NOT BOIL and stir      often.  (When you see little bubbles forming along edges, it is warm enough.)

2)  While heating milk, put half of sugar and cocoalot into one mug and half of these ingredients into the other mug.

3)  Add a little of the hot milk to each mug and stir to blend the milk with the ingredients in each mug.

4)  Add the rest of the milk evenly between the two mugs and also add half of the cinnamon (optional) and vanilla to each mug.

5)  Stir all ingredients in each mug and recite the following:

Easy, easy, relax and rest;
We all know you’ve done your best.
Gently, gently, blend and mix;
Your friends are near to mend and fix.

6)  Top with whipped cremelead (optional).