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Sunny Smiles Potion

All too often, things just don’t seem to go as planned and we get “down .”  To help lift our spirits  (so to speak), the ancients devised the following potion to combat “the blues”–whether they be because of a rainy day or a failed magical experiment.


One (1) Cup orange juice;
One-half Cup yogurt (plain or vanilla);
One (1) banana (chopped);

1)  Put One (1) Cup orange juice and one-half Cup yogurt into the blender.

2)  Add the chopped banana.

3)  Wave your wand over the blender and say:

Sunshine, sunshine–
No clouds in this place!
I will feel happy
With smiles on my face.

4)  Place the cover on the blender and puree the mixture for a minute.  Drink immediately, or chill for a bit and then consume.