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Nighty-nighty Notion Potion

This potion helps soothe a being before sleep time.  It is useful after a hectic day or if something unfortunate has happened during the day that has a being upset.


One (1) beaker (one cup) of Water
One (1) teabag Camomille tea
One (1) teaspoon bees gold (honey)
One (1) non-lead ceramic Hogwarts (or other magical) mug

1)  Put Water into small cauldron and heat on medium high/high to a slow boil.

2)  As the Water heats, place the teabag into the mug.

3)  After the Water boils, pour it CAREFULLY into the mug over the teabag.

4)  Let the teabag soak/steep and SLOWLY recite the following THREE times, as you wave your wand over the mug:

Nighty-nighty eyes so brighty;
Darkness come but nothing frighty.
Mind relax and start to dream
Of all that’s lovely and serene.
When I (he, she) wake(s), all will be well!
Now I speak and cast this spelle.

5)  Add the bees vgold and mix it thoroughly into the tea (you may use a self-stirring spoon if you possess one, otherwise any small spoon/stirrer may be used).