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Mangled Mango Performance Potion

This potion is “slurped” with a spoon to invigorate the partaker’s ability to be exotically artful–either in the fine arts or in the performing arts, especially on a dance floor (it ensures an excellent tango).


Two (2) ripe mangos
Two (2) Tablespoons sugar
One (1) beaker (1 Cup/ 8 oz.) “creme-lead” (heavy cream)

1)  Peel the mangoes. Discard peels and seeds, and then slice the fruit into smaller chunks.

2)  Put mango slices in a blender and blend until the fruit is mushy.

3)  Put creme-lead into a bowl and beat with electric mixer until it stands up in “peaks.”

4)  Stir the mango-mush into the now stiff creme-lead.

5)  Divide the mush into several serving bowls.

6)  Before eating (or serving to others), wave your wand over the concoction and say:

Tangled, mangled mango-mush
Get together to give a rush!
Help my feet move with ease.
Or my hands create wonders, please.