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Druid Dream Potion

This potion is a boon to someone needing to evoke dreams to help foretell the future.  The spice combination contributes to an increase of intuitive sense–clearing the head so it is more receptive to dreams and/or other messages during sleep.  (In addition, it is especially nice when someone has a scratchy throat or “stuffed-up” upper respiratory system.  It is an offering that is usually gratefully accepted.)


 Two (2) beakers (cups) apple cider (juice may be used for a less potent potion)
Two (2) whole cloves
1/2 cinnamon stick (or, Five (5) pinches cinnamon)
One (1) dash nutmeg
Two (2) teaspoons soursuds (lemon juice)
One small spider’s web (piece of netting and string to tie it up with)

1)  Place cinnamon stick and cloves in a spider’s web (piece of netting tied up with string).  If you use pinches of cinnamon, then just tie up the cloves.  Place this pouch, the cider, and nutmeg into a medium-sized cauldron.

2)  Add soursuds.

3)  Chant the following and wave your wand over the cauldron:

Fruit of the apple tree
Send good dreams.
Bring them down to me
Upon moonbeams.

4)  Heat on medium-low for ten minutes (DO NOT BOIL).

5)  Serve while warm (be careful to warn the drinker that it may be too hot to drink for awhile) in heavy mugs (Two servings).