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Crystal Construct Potion

Wizards often need edible crystals for various potions.  However, they take some time to construct.  So, this potion formula will allow us to set in motion crystal-formation.  These crystals are edible when they reach maximum size (after three to four weeks).  Eating these crystals will enhance your Chi (wizard power) for a short time.  If you need to turn this lab report in during the next month (instead of the end of this month), that’s fine!  (Note:  If you think you might take Potable Potions II, save some of these crystals in a bug-proof and water-proof container.)

Ingredients and Materials:  One Cup Sugar; one-half Cup Water; stove; stirring spoon or spatula; small pot or cauldron; cotton string; pencil or chopstick, or smaller/shorter wooden dowel.

1)  Put 1/2 Cup Water in a small cauldron on stove and heat on high until boiling.

2)  Remove from heat (turn off the burner at this point) and add One (1) Cup Sugar to Water.

3)  Stir for Two (2) minutes to dissolve Sugar.

4)  When mixture is cooled, pour Sugar-Water into a clean quart-sized glass jar (a canning quart jar is quite suitable, or a mayonnaise jar, etc.).

5)  Cut one or two twenty-four inch (24″) lengths of cotton string and tie it/them to the pencil (or other wooden stick).

6)  Lay the wood piece over the mouth (circular opening) of the jar and let the string/s hang down into the mixture (the string/s may coil on the jar’s bottom).

7)  Recite the following spelle while waving your wand over the jar’s mouth:

Crystals, crystals
Form on string.
Sweetness and power
Are what they bring.

8)  Put the jar in a safe, quiet place for the next three (3) weeks or so.  During this period, you should see the crystals start to form on the string/s.  (Be sure that ants, etc., can’t get into the jar.)

9) When the time is up, remove the string and hang it so the crystals can dry.  They then may be used for other potions or eaten by themselves for a quick Chi boost.