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Birthdates (as far as can be determined from textual references and/or JKR’s comments) of some Harry Potter characters:

Jan 1: see comment under Dec 31
*Jan 9: Snape (Capricorn)
*Feb 6: Arthur (Aquarius)
*March 1: Ron (Pisces)
*March 10: Remus (Pisces)
*April 1: Fred and George (Aries)
*May 15: Pomona Sprout (Taurus)
*June 5: Draco Malfoy (Gemini)
late June or thereabouts (probably): Dudley (Cancer or Gemini)
June 24 or 25: Voldie’s ressurection (Cancer)
*June 28: Dobby (Cancer)
July or Aug: Viktor Krum (possibly) (Cancer or Leo)
*July 30: Neville (Leo)
*July 31: Harry (Leo)
*Aug 11: Ginny (Leo)
*Aug 22: Percy (Leo)
Sep or Oct: Cedric (Virgo, Libra or Scorpio)
*Sep 19: Hermione (Virgo)
*Oct 4: McGonagall (Libra)
*Oct 17: Flitwick (Libra)
Oct 18-29: Angelina (Libra or Scorpio)
*Oct 30: Molly (Scorpio)
*Nov 29: Bill (Sagittarius)
*Dec 6: Hagrid (Sagittarius)
*Dec 12: Charlie (Sagittarius)
Dec 31: Voldemort/Tom Riddle Junior (Capricon) (could just possibly be Jan 1)