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Course Syllabus:  Symbolism in Muggle and Magic Life and Literature Purpose:  To acquaint students with the major symbol motifs used in both Muggle and Magic literature and cultures and to make them aware of the powers these motifs have to influence Muggle and Magic lives.

  • “Naming”—the names of characters in literature and those of live beings carry magical and emotional powers.
      • Magical names—ours and HP characters
      • Importance in Spelling/Charming, etc.
  • “Wands”—the symbolism of wands’ characteristics is significant to the powers of an individual.
      • Trees/wood types
      • Numbers/lengths
      • Core materials/creatures
  • “Elements”—the powers and properties of the four major elements of our world.
      • Water
      • Earth         
      • Air
      • Fire
      • Metal
  • Directions–the powers and properties of the four cardinal compass directions.
  • Colors—the powers and properties of colors.
      • White
      • Black
      • Red
      • Blue
      • Green    
      • Yellow
      • Purple 
      • Brown
      • Gold 
      • Silver

At the end of each unit, at least one required and one “creative” assignment will be given for grades and “points.”  Other topics may also be discussed at a student’s request; for example, plant life, Muggle animals, etc.   Discussions will take place in Prof. Dragonfly’s mIRC channel:  #opalcourses.  In most cases, student homework submissions are posted on the designated HOL discussion board so that all other students may learn from the submissions.  However, in the case of the Final Exam, based on the Color Symbolism Unit, the answer will be messaged to the professor at HOL.

I hope that you will find these analytic approaches and general knowledge very useful in all your literature courses as well as your personal readings!  Prof. Opal Dragonfly