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Dear Students—Welcome to the Potable Potions I course! 

Course Syllabus

This course is designed to introduce you to the wonderful world of potion making, and is a term-long course (lasting three to four months).  The potions you will be concocting are “basic” and allow you to develop elemental skills in measuring and mixing, brewing, terminology recognition, and knowledge of the effects of various substances.  This does not mean that all of the potions are “easy.”  One must learn to distinguish between the terms “basic” and “elementary” and “simple” and “easy.”  For example, elementary physics is “basic,” but one would hardly call it simple or easy!

The potions brewed in this course are “potable.”  That means they are fit for human consumption.  However, if you have known food allergies, do not test them on yourself—find a willing substitute!  The professor or any of the schools for which she teaches are not responsible for any allergic reactions (or even upset stomachs).  Also, if you are not old enough to be using a stove, or other device or utensil, safely–please seek assistance from an older witch or wizard for that portion of the instructions.

The potions will be found at the start of each month in the Potions folder.  There will be a required potion and, usually, an extra credit one.  After each potion is brewed, a student will submit a written lab report by mailing it opaldragonfly@yahoo.com  The lab report must contain the procedure the student followed, any variations of the instructions or ingredients, and the final judgment.  In other words, the student must decide whether or not the potion performed its stated purpose.  (If “no,” the student should analyze what went amiss.)  These reports are due at the end of the month in which the potion was assigned, unless otherwise indicated/announced.

Students who successfully pass PP I are eligible to take PP II.  Enjoy! 
Prof. Opal Dragonfly (Prof. Elle Luxor)