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Dear Students—Welcome to Potable Potions II. 
If you are in this course, you are either a student in year 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or, faculty and graduate students, or a student who has already proven himself or herself to be a responsible, self-directed learner by passing Potable Potions I. 

Potable Potions II is a term course (three to four months) and offers for your advanced learning potions, which are more difficult to brew in both actual concoction and in control of their effects.  There may be several outcomes of any given potion and your brewing skills must reach mastery level in order to cause the effect you desire.   These potions are not for the “faint at heart”!  All Lab Reports Homework is to be mailed to opaldragonfly@yahoo.com

Once Again:  if you have known food allergies, do not test them on yourself—find a willing substitute!  The professor or any of the schools for which she teaches are not responsible for any allergic reactions (or even upset stomachs).  Also, if you are not old enough to be using a stove, or other device or utensil, safely–please seek assistance from an older witch or wizard for that portion of the instructions.

Please note:  If you do not have a supply of power crystals on hand (see the “Crystal Construct” potion in PP I), please begin growing them right now—you will need them for the Imitation Dragon’s Blood potion.  The course follows the same format of Potable Potions I:  the potions are given at the start of each month in the Potions folder, the student brews the potion and then submits a lab report by the end of the month in the Lab Reports section of the discussion thread at HOL.  The lab reports must describe the procedure the student followed, any variation from the given procedure or ingredients, and the final judgment statement of the potion’s efficacy.  There is a required potion and, usually, an extra credit one each month.  At the end of this course (unlike in PP I), students are asked to concoct their own potable potion and the format is the same as given for other potions:  a description of the purpose of the potion, the ingredients list and procedure for brewing the potion, and the spelle which must be chanted to help insure the efficacy of the potion. 

May you find yourself immersed in enjoyment and thrills as your mastery of potion making increases! 
Prof. Opal Dragonfly

Course Syllabus