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Unit One Homework—Unicorns

Required True or False (30 points):

  • Unicorns are always peaceful.
  • Unicorns never change color.
  • Unicorns prefer the “pure of heart.”
  • It is usually very cold where unicorns dwell.
  • Unicorns are usually “herd” creatures.
  • The touch of a Unicorn’s horn dispels poison.
  • The blood of a Unicorn, if freely given, grants life to a seriously wounded creature; if forcibly taken, it grants a horrible half-life.
  • Other animals are terribly afraid of a Unicorn.
  • Unicorns felt sympathy for Adam and Eve and left the Garden of Eden with them.
  • The trust of the unicorns in Humankind was broken by evil wizards.

Extra Credit Essay (30 points):
Choose a character from any of the seven Harry Potter books and explain why, if that character was an animagus or animaga, a Unicorn might be that character’s creature.