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Required:  In the Harry Potter books, both Harry and Draco are bowed to by Buckbeak the Hippogryff.  Hagrid explains that this is an acknowledgment of a witch’s or wizard’s innate power.  However, without a concomitant level of courtesy and respect from Draco, the Hippogryff attacks Draco.  What do you think would be a Flying Horse’s reaction to both Harry and Draco.  Would there be a difference in its responses?  Why? Consider this before writing your response:  Do you think Draco would treat a Flying Horse with greater respect than he did the Hippogryff?

Extra Credit:  Some witches and wizards stable Flying Horses to be their mode of transportation, but it’s relatively few in number. Many magical folk consider them to be more trouble than they are worth.  But, let’s suppose you are accepted by a Flying Horse, like Pegasus, and you have it as a companion.  What would you name it and what would you two do together—besides soaring around the sky or using it for mundane transportation?