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Dragons have had both positive and negative “histories” attached to them, largely depending upon the cultures that had dragons as part of the cultures’ folklore/mythology.  Discuss how J. K. Rowling “treats” dragons with regard to a dragon’s natural and/or acquired traits.  Use at least three traits.  (For example, and this is just one aspect, does she ascribe to an Asian view that dragons are “beneficial” to humankind?)

For extra credit, select a character from the books that you think would most closely exemplify a certain “type” of dragon (you may be as specific or as general in the “type” as you wish) and discuss why you think this to be so.  For example, you might compare Ron to a “Peruvian Vipertooth” (Scamander’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, pp.13-14).  Or, you might discuss the Asian/Oriental attributes of a dragon and compare them to Dumbledore’s personality.  Have fun with your conjectures!