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General Introduction to Professor Opal Dragonfly’s Site

Dear Students and Friends—
Welcome to Professor Opal Dragonfly’s office and classroom site!  Here I store informative materials, such as my Wizard’s Wit and Wisdom columns, in the Library; have links to other sites of interest, such as Hogwarts Online (HOL); have my courses’ classroom sites; and, have a link to the class discussion Chat.  Registration is held twice a year, following the HOL schedule (Hogwarts Online:  http://hol.org.uk).  Once you have been registered as a student at HOL, and I accept you into my course/s, then you may start the readings and/or assignments. 

All homework will be mailed to me at opaldragonfly@yahoo.com

Hogwarts street signI hope that you will enjoy taking the courses and earning points and, above all, I hope you will enjoy learning about the different subjects.  I have tried to make the learning process more fun than drudgery; however, as with any mastery of a skill and acquisition of knowledge, study and practice are essential. 

I am interested in your comments, concerns, and suggestions—and if any student has a question, you may reach me at opaldragonfly@yahoo.com or through a message at HOL.

Should you rely on assistive technology or have any other needs that should be taken into account, please contact me and we can discuss other options for certain parts of the assignments.

May the heavens keep you well!   Prof. Opal Dragonfly