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Class Descriptions  
Potable Potions This course is designed to introduce you to the wonderful world of potion making, and is a term-long course (lasting three to four months).  The potions you will be concocting are “basic” and allow you to develop elemental skills in measuring and mixing, brewing, terminology recognition, and knowledge of the effects of various substances.  This does not mean that all of the potions are “easy.”  One must learn to distinguish between the terms “basic” and “elementary” and “simple” and “easy.”  For example, elementary physics is “basic,” but one would hardly call it simple or easy!
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Potable Potions II

Potable Potions III

If you are in these courses, you are either a student in an upper level/year, or a student who has already proven himself or herself to be a responsible, self-directed learner by passing Potable Potions I and/or Potable Potions II. 

Potable Potions II is a term course (three to four months) and offers for your advanced learning potions, which are more difficult to brew in both actual concoction and in control of their effects.  There may be several outcomes of any given potion and your brewing skills must reach mastery level in order to cause the effect you desire.   These potions are not for the “faint at heart”!

Potable Potions III is also a term course and contains concoctions which can serve as main entrees and desserts (or another portion of a meal)--each month could provide much of a meal for yourself and guests.  These potions are very difficult to brew, so only upper level students or those who have passed PP II are admitted.

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HP Symbolism This course is an introduction to the symbolism J. K. Rowling uses in her Harry Potter book series, and which is often used “visually” in the movies based on those books.  The course is also designed to teach you to utilize research techniques for finding, as well as increase your general knowledge of, symbolic meanings in any fiction literature (including poetry). Such literary analysis is truly a mental and emotional treasure hunt! 
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Magical Creatures Lore

This is a two-term course that introduces you to the legendary knowledge about magical creatures—some well known and others not so well known.  While this material certainly helps you understand much that is written about in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book series, the information is also useful in understanding themes in other pieces of fiction and in recognizing the human behavior traits symbolized by magical creatures. 

IMPORTANT:  The site for these lessons is NOT with the other courses' site.  You must click on "More Info" below, then go to the "Course Syllabus" for each lesson.
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